February 4, 2013

January has absolutely just rocketed by.  And I do mean "rocketed".  More on that in a later post.  :)

Before I left to visit a good friend in Florida last week, I was very fortunate to be be interviewed by John Parkinson, Clinical Content Coordinator, at DiabetesCare.net.  We spoke on the phone for well over an hour, and he was kind enough to write up a two part article to be feature on their site. 

Part one was published last week, and the second part will be release on Feb. 8th.

The first half talks about Tour Divide, early diagnosis, Type1Rider, and what I have planned on the bike for 2013.  The second half discusses projects we are working on, The Blue Heel Society, the DOC, and diabetes advocacy.

Part 1 can be found at DiabetesCare.net at the following url: http://www.diabetescare.net/content_upclose_detail.asp?id=446785

Thanks so much for all of the continued support, and KEEP CHOPPIN'!!!