Meredith College Masters Thesis Participant

Chris Newport, ’11, earned her Master of Science in Nutrition at Meredith College after completing Meredith's Dietetic Internship program and becoming a Registered Dietitian. As the owner of a sports nutrition and endurance coaching company, Chris pursued her master’s degree in order to more effectively serve her clients and help them reach their fitness goals.

For Chris' thesis I was the proverbial 
guinea pig.  This is a promo file for Meredith, that just got released in 2015, but it does discuss and show the work we did not only for the thesis, but laying the ground work for the Tour Divide.  

Type1Rider The Film

A man with Type 1 diabetes leaves everything behind to bike the longest, most dangerous, unsanctioned mountain bike route on the planet.  After more than three years of training and a near death first attempt, he will bike 2800 miles, alone and unsupported for 30 days, from Canada to Mexico along the Great Divide through savage terrain -- snow, wind, impossible climbs, altitude, deserts, and grizzly country.  His insulin-dependency creates life-challenging situations, but he will stop at nothing to prove that people with diabetes can live a life without limitations.

To learn more about this film, or to be part of it and help, please check out the press release and the teasers and visit Taproot Films.

Press Release:

Taproot Films presents "Type1Rider the Film"

Film Teasers:

type1rider at tour de cure from Taproot Films on Vimeo.

The Long Cut

A home brew message inspired by all those who reached out after my fall & near drowning during the 2011 Tour Divide.  Dedicated to each and every individual, family member, or loved one who has no choice but to get up everyday and deal with diabetes.

Keep Choppin'!