February 5, 2013

For the past few months I have been searching high and low for a steel rigid 29er single speed.  I was forced to sell my Superfly SS in the middle of summer last year, and I have been missing it ever since.

Riding a rigid single speed is one of the most amazing cycling experiences you can possibly have, in my opinion.  Before I joined the Trek 29er Crew back in 2009, I had been riding a Kona Unit 29er SS.  The bright orange one. :)

All Stock.  Straight out of the box.

And I loved it.

Since I was looking for a non-custom steel frame, my manufacture choices when narrowed down for me.

So after much back and forth I contacted Jason at Back Alley Bikes in Chapel Hill.  I have known Jason for years, and not only is he a good guy, he was kind enough to let us use his shop while building my bike for Tour Divide & the documentary.  Jason's shop is a Kona and Niner dealer, and that, coincidentally, was exactly what I decided I wanted to put together.  A 2013 Unit with a Niner tapered carbon fork.

Only squeezed in a little ride this evening, and I am looking forward to putting some real miles on it tomorrow (weather permitting).

The first little bit was exactly how I remember... plain joyful.

Thanks man!

Keep Choppin' everyone!!