June 5, 2012

A few weeks ago, we where contacted by the folks at Insulin Nation about The Type1Rider Organization being be featured in the June Issue (June 6th).  I was so humbled, proud, and honored, and we invite you to subscribe and visit this wonderful source of information as well.

The folks here at Type1Rider, and out sister organization The Blue Heel Society, peruses up to one hundred individual News alerts & Sources worldwide each day to bring the very best FREE resources to our Friends & Followers. Recently we stumbled upon a NEW & unique source containing the BEST & most exhaustive reporting of items we have seen yet, relevant to all of us affected by diabetes. One of the taglines that truly fit's is Insulin Nation's claim of "seperating the noise from the news". 

Insulin Nation states "The digital diabetes magazine, is a community of people with diabetes sharing their stories and experiences for mutual benefit and support.  Every issue celebrates and promotes active, healthy living by and for insulin users, using video, text, graphics and interactive links..  Our unique social media curation tools collect and package the work of leading diabetes influencers, and our Resources pages feature and connect groups offering support to PWD of all ages.   Monthly subscriptions are free with email address registration." 

We asked Chris Leach, the Editor-in-Chief, to tailor a unique message describing Insulin Nation for our Friends & Followers, and here is what he has to say:

From the Editor-in-Chief

Insulin Nation is a digital magazine for people with diabetes who use insulin.  It is the first part of a planned larger network of tools and resources that will connect the people and groups organized round diabetes, particularly type 1 PWD, with each other,  with clinical and scientific communities within the industry.

Insulin Nation's readers belong to and support hundreds of not-for-profit groups that help and connect people with diabetes.  Our intention is both to promote and support these organizations, and to serve as a clearinghouse and meeting place for them and their members.  

We embrace and celebrate the individual missions, passions, and energy of all PWD in the communities we serve through video and text profiles. Our "Voices" section, updated daily, is the only real-time curated collection of comments and posts by more than 200 diabetes.social media influencers. Each issue profiles and links to multiple diabetes organizations and resources.  We are building commenting and sharing functions and a unique YouTube channel.  

Insulin Nation is more than a name or a logo.  It is a real community of people who will empower, encourage, and strengthen each other by being connected.  Supplying the connective tissue is our mission.  
You can visit the most recent Issue of Insulin Nation on the right sides of our Blog, or use the direct link at http://www.insulinnation.com/. You can also follow Insulin Nation on Facebook and on Twitter, and make sure and get your FREE subscription to ensure you enjoy each & every Issue as much as we do!

NOTE - FREE Insulin Nation apps from Apple, Android and Kindle Fire are available in the App Store