June 5, 2012

I am stoked to report that the GPS is working as it should be.  After remaking my maps with "STOPS", not just "VIA", and recreating the Route file on the PC in the Topo Software, the ride in the gig was given with a countdown to the next turn.

Looking at the converted Tour Divide GPX files, it seems that is how they are set up as well.

So, we are 100% operational in that area.  I will carry the paper maps as a backup, but am planning on just using the GPS as mounted between the aero bars to be queued for turns and distances.

This should save a bit of time from looking at the map all the time, and I specific route information (altitude, distance to next point, etc) will all be quick to come by.

According to the device, I am only 2070 miles in a straight line from the end of the Canada route loaded.


SO GLAD this is done.  Now, to the next outstanding issue.  ;)