June 4, 2012

So after spending a few hours last night working on putting together my own local "route" to work in the DeLorme Topo software, and transferring it to my PN-60, we have success!!

As I road back to work at lunch today I was able to follow the turn by turn directions with map, time/distance to next way point, and speed, altitude, etc.

Hard to see in this pic, but so stoked that it is working....

It worked great for the first 6 miles, and then the waypoint markers dropped off.  The route was still on, and the mileage was right.... but not the waypoints.  I think this is caused by me setting the map up wrong, or forgetting to save all the waypoints before making the route.

So... we are good with the navigation system.  I have begun loading the Canadian sections of the TD map in, and will verify the waypoints on those when I get home.

OR, I just load the map, and watch it tell me there is 2085 miles to the start.  THAT should be enough right??