April 24, 2012

Got up this morning to a unexpected rain squall.  Oh... and 42 degrees.  Weather teams where predicting 68 and sunny. Go figure.

And sometimes that is how life, and in particular life with diabetes, rolls.

I had my quarterly endo appointment today with the good folks at the UNC Diabetes Care Center.  I actually forgot all about it, and had to quickly leave my office and basically sprint the 13 miles or so to get there.  In 35 minutes. With the fully loaded pack.

Interval work right?  Yup.

I was pretty psyched to go and see if I was able to whittle that A1C down from the last appointment in January.  Not that it was all that high at 6.4, but I had made it a personal challenge to try to drop it to around a 6.0.

Over the past 4 years my A1Cs have ranged from 5.4 to 6.8.  All numbers that represent good control over long periods of time.  My care providers and I decided that 6..0 to 6.4 would be a target range given the amount of training and the events that I try to do.  It has been working perfectly, as my performance on the bike (sans the injuries - Natch) has been improving and my BG levels are very stable.

I have been monitoring my BG via my Insulet OmniPod PDM very careful, and, as I got to the Endo's office, I saw a 90 average of 113 with 9 BG tests a day.  That should put my in a range of 5.8, and, with error, I was fully expecting a 6.0.


They did the quick A1C test with the blood glucose drop, and did the other standard check in work.

BG 65. BP 118/60. Pulse 70.

All great numbers. I waited....

A1C 6.6.

I laughed to myself.  To me this is always just a number.  A measurement that may or may not indicate the need for modification of some care or setting changes.

This number really would give me no indication to do either.

It just re-enforced to me that as hard as we all try, and with all the tools and technologies we have, sometimes diabetes in just unpredictable.

It just is.


Like the weather.

Not fretting or freaking.  Just a number.

A number I am rightfully comfortable with right now.

Keep Choppin!!