March 19, 2012

Training Hours: Ride: 03:51 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary: Daily Total: 38.85 units
Bolus: 17.30u (45%)
Basal: 21.55u (55%)

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 125g

Well.... Sunday started our like a normal ride day.  I mean, besides seeing Lil Wayne at 6:25am in Morrisville, NC..... but that's a whole other story.... true... but a WHOLE other story......

I set a temp basal of a 65% reduction a few minutes at noon in order to be prepared to leave my apartment on my Cyclo Cross bike 13:00.  It had rained pretty heavy overnight, and LOTS of trails where still be reported as closed.... so I though I would put some road miles in, in between some parks with fire roads and the American Tobacco Trail.  Perfect use for Trek Ion.

I was only about 20 minutes in, on a very moist ATT, when I got a flat.  I remember thinking, ok.... the ride is going to go like this eh?  :) No worries.

Took about 2 minutes and I was rolling again.

As I approached the road I needed to take towards Umstead State Park it happened again..... a flat in the other wheel.  Oy.  I literally laughed out loud as I took the 3 minutes to change the rear tube this time.

I figured the bad luck was all behind me at this point, I started to put some miles down.  Took my first BG test after an hour, just as I was going to enter Umstead, at 14:11.  BG was a bit down at 58, so I chose to suspend insulin delivery for an hour and take in about 30 grams of carbs (M&Ms.  Natch.)

The miles through the Umstead fire roads went quick, and I was heading back out when... yup.... front wheel went suddenly flat again.  I was totally laughing hysterically at this point.  3 in one ride.  Never Happens!

I realized that I was out of tubes, so I just continued to roll on the flat.  Nothing else I could do.  I passed a nice guy named Mr. Frost on one of the climbs, and he as kind enough to offer me a tube.  He was riding a 29er, so he actually had a 700x23-28 cross tube on him.  I thanked him a ton for his generosity, and I hope he reaches out soon so I can repay him.  Thank you sir!!

I found the small nail that I had picked up in Umstead, made the change, and figured the ride home was going to be routine.  Yup..... routine.....

Although I remember that I re-entered Harris Lake County park, then next thing I can remember is sitting on the bottom of a paved hill with my helmet off and two other cyclists talking to me.

It seems that I had passed one of them a few minutes earlier... and he had come upon me laying unconscious  on asphalt.  He and another gentleman named Gary, (riding a SS Voodoo 29er) , called EMS and we were awaiting their arrival.  There was no damage to my helmet, but I was covered in road rash, and my neck and head were pounding......  apparently I was traveling quickly and slid the bike on the wet downhill pavement.  Rider error.  :)

My BG was tested using my meter and the one brought by EMS and I was at 96 and 115 at 15:28  respectfully.

Cary EMS and Fire wheeled me to the ambulance and checked me out.  I spent about 45 or so from crash to signing the release waiver refusing transport.  Although I was sore, I was alert and nothing hurt much.  I needed to ride home and clean the road rash out... ripped bib shorts and all.  LOL!!  BG was at a close to target 158.

I wanted to add that I was able to show and demonstrate the OmniPod to the Cary EMS folks while in their ambulance.  They had stated that they had never seen a pump like this, and where interested in checking it out.  We discussed me coming to one of their training sessions to show how it works, and how to read the history of BGs and doses off of a device like this.

Took my time covering the remaining 15 miles home, looking at a slightly tore up bicycle.  (You know you are ok, when your bike becomes the center of focus - right?)

When I arrived home, I realized something was wrong.  I couldn't get off my bike very easily.  My left hip and upper leg where causing a good bit of pain. It took me almost 20 minutes to get up the stairs into my apartment.... not good.

I did set my basal rate back to normal at 17:57 with a BG of 164.  I bolused for that, and, unable to move at all, I called Durham County EMS.

They arrived shortly, and, after hearing what happened, put me in a C-Collar on a backboard, and transported me to UNC Hospitals.

The staff there X-Ray'd my leg, pelvis, and hips as well as CT'd my neck and head.  it seems everything checked out (thank goodness), but I have a small hip fracture. The good news is that being able to cycle home from the crash indicates that everything (muscles, ligaments, etc) is intact and where it needs to be.  So it is simply a pain management, and don't fall on the left side for a "while" diagnosis.

I was discharged at 02:40 this morning, and I was able to call a cab to come and get "shoeless" me and my crutches.

BGs ran well during my time at the ER, and I did my own management with my meter and equipment. (I also brought my own spare Pod, insulin, and fast acting).  BGs ran:

22:07 196 (no bolus)
23:13 181 (no bolus)
00:56 78 (15g C of regular soda)

Yup.  Just a routine ride.....

Much like a day ALL people who have to deal with diabetes face all the time.... adapt to the unexpected,  deal with the unknown, and be prepared for anything. :)

Keep Choppin All!!!

Just Keep Choppin!!!!!!!