April 24, 2012

Great ride in on the bike this morning.  BGs where running a tad higher than normal (150-180s) overnight, but after the correction and 50 minute ride in, I was at a perfect 100 before heading down to grab my latte (a MUST today by the way!).

Today was the the first chance I had to ride with my my new LifeProof Bike & Bar Mount device.  I set my LifeProof protected iPhone in it, and activated the Starva Cycling application that I had downloaded for free from the iTunes app store.

It worked GREAT!!  The application seems very accurate, and the mount made it simple to use.  The Biek & Bar Mount held the phone in the spot I set it too, even over the curbs and stair jumps that make up parts of my commute.  

I totally love this new tool!

Keep Choppin Everyone!!!