February 5, 2013

I mentioned a couple of days ago about how this year is "rocketing" by, and how I would post on that exact phrasing later.

Last week, we went to Florida to visit my friend Fran and his wife Maria.  Fran happens to work where they have the coolest toys... you know... stuff like rockets, satellites  and shuttles.

Fran was kind enough to get us a launch pass and take the two of us to a night launch of an Atlas 5 rocket carrying the TDRS-K Spacecraft.  

It was a dream for me, as most of you know I dig space exploration.  A little.  (LOL). 

I have never been to a launch before, and this was certainly was more than likely a once in a lifetime experience.  

There is no way for me to adequately describe how incredible this was.  

I. Was. Just. Floored.

This video was shot by the camera located right next to us on the causeway.  

Thank you so much my friend.  I will never forget this event.