August 25, 2012

Gwen's Diabetes Fairytale

NOTE: August 21-28 The Type1Rider Organization will be sharing our Sister Organizations (Blue Heel Society) Blog posts for the WEGO 'Advocate For Another' Blog Carnival.

Day 5 Post: Once Upon a Time...write a story about your community as though you are a children's author. 

This is Gwen. She has Type 1 diabetes or T1D.

Type 1 diabetes means your pancreas doesn't work.

Gwen needs to take her blood sugar every 3 hours or more.

She also needs to take insulin in a syringe or an insulin pump.

Sometimes Gwen feels sad because she needs to stop in the middle of having fun to test her blood sugar.

Her mom finds other people with T1D online who go through the same things she goes through. This is the diabetes online community or the D.O.C.

Gwen's mom finds a mom in the D.O.C. whose daughter has T1D too and is her age!! They exchange emails and chat because they live miles away from each other. 

Gwen and her mom find they can go to the D.O.C. whenever they need help, have a question or want to share diabetes related things. This makes Gwen and her mom happy!

Gwen wants all T1 kids to know they are NOT alone!! You can find many friends and support with the D.O.C.!