August 26, 2012

If you are in central North Carolina and are interested in insulin pump therapy, come out this Tuesday night, August 28th, for Insulin Pump Information Night.  All of the pump manufacturers will be there, including Steve McGuinn the representative from OmniPod.

I will be hanging out at the the OmniPod booth talking about how I use their product and the advantages of tubeless pump therapy as a whole.

The information about the event, including the pump information class curriculum is below.

Hope to see you there!!

Insulin Pump Information Night 

Class is instructed by a Certified Diabetes Educator and is free! 
Opportunity to see all insulin pumps! 

Tuesday of August 28th
6:00-8:00 pm 

American Institute of Healthcare and Fitness 
8300 Health Park Raleigh, NC
Meeting Room
(Take Six Forks Rd. to Forum Dr., left on Health Park, follow signs to Conference Center)

Curriculum Overview: 
1. Challenges of Diabetes 

  • BG Monitoring 
  • Multiple injections 
  • Meals 
  • Erratic schedules 
  • Carbohydrate 
  • Counting 
  • Costs 
  • Physical activity 
  • Sickness 

2. Insulin regimens 

  • Conventional Multiple Daily Injections 
  • Insulin Pump therapy 

3. What is a Pump 

4. Benefits of a Pump 
Improved glycemic control 

  • Precise delivery 
  • Decreased glucose fluctuations 
  • Decreased hypoglycemia 
  • Address hormonal issues and dawn phenomenon.

  • Eliminate multiple injections 
  • Eliminate strict eating 
  • Sleep in 
  • Exercise 

5. Definitions 

  • Basal 
  • Bolus 
  • Example of typical day 

6. How does a pump work 

  • Battery 
  • Cartridge/Reservoir
  • Programming 

7. Smart Pump Features 

  • Calculates dose for carbs eaten and BG correction 
  • Extended bolus features
  • Insulin on board/Active Insulin 
  • Reminders and alarms 

8. Infusion Sets 

  • Straight
  • Angled
  • Change every 2-3 days 

9. Candidate 

  • Insulin requiring Type 1 or Type 2 
  • A1C above 7 
  • BG fluctuation 
  • Hypoglycemia 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Need for precise dosing 

10. Who makes a good pumper 

  • BG checks 4 times daily 
  • Carb counting 
  • Able to troubleshoot 
  • Support system 
  • Realistic expectation 

11. Challenges 

  • Insurance 
  • Increase BG checks 
  • Learning period 
  • DKA 
  • Site/Skin issues 

12. Moving forward 

  • Visit the booths 
  • Visit the websites 
  • Talk to your insurance company 
  • Talk to your doctor about which pump 
  • Continue seeking educational opportunities 
  • TIPS Meetings