June 3, 2012

I spent yesterday enjoying some short time at the North Carolina American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure event.  The event was amazing this year, and the weather worked out PERFECTLY for all the riders and the tireless volunteers.

The staff from ADA Raleigh were kind enough to have me speak at the awards ceremony down in Southern Pines.  I am honored and humbled to be invited down to share the day's experiences and stories with all those working so hard to try to find a cure and provide relief for those with diabetes.

Thank you very much Jim, Katie-Rose, Thomas, and rest of the staff and committee that was kind enough to invite me.

I CAN NOT wait until the 1st EVER off road Tour de Cure here in NC at Chapel Hill North this October, and then both events for 2013!!!

Today, I had a BLAST taking my boys to the New Hope Valley Railway for a steam engine ride.  We all enjoyed the spectacular weather and the loudness of the whistle.

They hook this engine up to a train made up of some open air passengers cars, and take a near 90 minute scenic ride.

The cars are converted flatcars from the US Army, and the volunteers here build the tops and added the rows of school bus seats.  Good stuff.

Although I am not overly a train person, Diane was playful teasing me a bit about who was more excited.... me or the boys.  LOL!!  :)

Hmmmm....... It's hard not to get all caught up in their "geekedness".

If you have little ones, or even if you don't, this is such a spectacular place to head to.  Very, very cool.

Tomorrow, it's back to work and back on the bike for more riding and training.  Hopefully I will learn what is the issue with the Superfly's rear wheel shortly, and I get back on that bike.

For now, on the CX for a while.

I also need to spend some time working on the Delorme Topo software to convert the .GPX files from the Tour Divide course to a route or track I can follow on my PN-60.

That seems to be my main outstanding issue (um, besides fitness and funds, Natch) that is on my mind right now.

It is what it is.

Keep Choppin' everyone!!!!