May 2, 2012

Last week I received an email from the International Diabetes Federation stating that I had been nominated by members of the diabetes online community as an IDF World Diabetes Day Hero.

I was completely overwhelmed and humbled with the news of the nomination.

Rendered speechless.

I truly cannot express how kind and generous the nomination is, and I can't possibly begin thank the members of the Diabetes Online Community enough for all the support and encouragement they show me and The Type1Rider Organization.

You are ALL an inspiration.

This morning I woke to find my story listed at  I lay there bewildered for a couple of minutes starring at the page as I let the magnitude of this accolade to sink in.

I simply do not know the words to say to convey the gratitude I feel.  I am fortunate and blessed beyond measure.

From the bottom of my heart... Thank you members of the DOC and the IDF for this honor.

Keep Choppin'!