April 29, 2012

Training Hours: Ride: 02:04 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 53.15 units
Bolus (54%) 28.50u
Basal: (46%) 24.65u

Whew.  Sometimes it takes a LOT of work to get the BGs to co-operate, sometimes not so much.

Today was an example of the former.  :)

Work up a little after 09:00 with a nearly perfect BG of 107.  (I mean, yes, 7% off target, but in the ballpark right?  LOL!)

Had a great breakfast of Veggie Eggs Benedict (english muffin, tomatoe, and an egg), and a small (legit) helping of blueberry pancakes.

By 12:30 I was a little high, 165.  Not to surprising given the pancakes sampling as they usually cause a slight rise about 3 hours post.

Now, the BG day got interesting....

By early afternoon I was at 225.  I bolused, and, do to other factors (lunch, other activities) I ran a positive temp basal of 135% for a few hours.  I wanted to prevent the climb, and figured the BG would be creeping up due to my schedule of events.

I ended up being correct, and ended up at a perfect 99 at 16:03.  SWEET!!

What I forgot, was to set my normal pre-ride temp basal rate of a 65% reduction at 15:30, which would have been an hour before my ride start.

Since I was on a schedule and needed to get my ride in, I needed to try to figure out what might work to allow a stable BG target of 150 while on the bike.

What I did was set a temp basal rate of a 85% reduction for 4 hours to cover the ride.  This was done at about 30 minutes before ride start.  I also took in a generous 60g of simple Cs to cover the insulin that was active from the positive temp basal I was running about 3 hours earlier.

Make sense? I agree, lots going on there...  ;)

103 at ride start time of 16:35. Looks good.

About 40 minutes into the ride I could feel that my BG was off the mark.  Obviously too much insulin still around, and the exercise induced insulin sensitivity beginning to take hold.  Tested at 17:11 at a 42 mg/dL.

Hmmmm.... well.... that didn't work as expected.

Stopped at convenience store and took in a 34gC soft drink.  Also, counting on my normal post ride spike, I paused the ride for about 15-20 minutes.  Figured this would correct me and get me back where I needed to be.


At 17:33 I was an 87 and back on the bike and rolling.  I made no modification to the 85% temp basal reduction.

The next hour and 25 minutes where great.  I was able to get my single legged climbing drills and interval work in.  I didn't cover the miles I wanted (loosing that 20 minutes) but I did reach my vertical and HR goals for today.   A great training ride!!  I totally love my Ion CX.  So much fun!

BGs for the rest of the ride where 104, 124, and 93.

Cancelled my temp basal about 30 minutes before the end of the ride, and got off the bike with a BG of 78. Not ideal, but not unexpected given the earlier lower event.

I did not do a standard post ride bolus that I normally do, as the BGs where slightly trending down for the second half of the ride.

As was re-enforced to me today, life with diabetes will, inevitably, not always go exactly as planned.

It will, in fact, through you a curve ball.

It may try to stand as barrier to your success, and take you off your game.

But that is completely ok.  Completely OK.

Just be prepared, make adjustments, have a little patience, and KEEP CHOPPIN'.

Nothing will stand in your way.