May 6, 2012

After a day and a half of rain showers, the weather broke and we were blessed with a spectacular afternoon of weather today here in North Carolina. The flowers and landscaping at my complex appreciated the sun almost as much as I did:

It was a busy day otherwise today as well.

Made pancakes (with chocolate hidden in a few of them), responded to a long over due list of emails, and got some much needed work done.

Also, was stoked to spend some time with my friends at Taproot Films shooting some more footage for the documentary. I cannot thank every member of their crew enough for working so hard and making so many sacrifices for this project:

Thank you for your pursurverence (btw, this pic was taken as I messed up for the 1,103rd time). :)

I am looking forward to logging a whole bunch of training hours on the bike this week, and hope that it goes fast leading to an event filled Friday with the JDRF and a special school visit in Albany (more on that later this week).

Thanks a lot to everyone for the great emails, messages, and questions. Please keep them coming. The interactions are such a learning experience for me, and I love to hear all the great things everyone is doing and planning while dealing with the "Betus". :)

Keep Choppin'!!!

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