May 31, 2012

It's the last day in May, and things sure have been moving at a quick pace. :)

Today I finished and submitted my contribution chapter for a book being published later this year. I will release more details as I am allowed, but it is a follow up to book released last year. I am super excited and honored to be part of this project, and can not wait to be able to discuss it further!

When originally contacted about it, I thought it would be a fairly easy task to write a 20 pages or so. Piece of cake. However, it turned out, to be MUCH more difficult than I thought. I learned a lot about how hard it must be for writers to really sit and be inspired to tell a story - even one they might know quite well.

Again, I am humbled and honored to be involved with this project, and I just cannot wait to see it in its competed form.

When I got home tonight I found a page of parts I ordered from RAM Mounts on my doorstep. I had been waiting for these in order to attached the GPS to my bike in a way that has it out of the way and easy to quickly glean information off of it.

Looking through their online catalog, and taking some measurements her at home, I made a guess.

Turns out to worked perfectly. I needed to make a little modification to make the mounting strap snug up on the aero bar, but my Delorme PN-60 fits right between the aero bars without touching me at all when I am in that position.

Better to be lucky then good right? :)

This shot makes the device look bigger than it is, but it was like it was made for this position. I will carry the paper maps as backup, and just be able use the GPX files for TD loaded into the device. Should save a good amount of time from fiddling with the maps.

I am still working through some of the usage issues since the upgrade to the new firmware. Nothing is malfunctioning, I am just not familiar enough with the features yet.

Back to the manual.....

Going to try and get the Superfly to Trek Raleigh tomorrow so they can determine what the blazes is all the racket from the rear wheel. Probably going to need new bearings for the bottom bracket, but maybe that can wait just a little bit longer.


Keep Choppin'!

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