May 28, 2012

Training Hours: Ride: 04:08 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 31.65 units
Bolus (37%) 11.60u
Basal: (63%) 20.05u

I woke up with two thoughts today....

The first was that I was low and needed some carbs.  The other was how was that was going to affect my ride I was planning on today.

I decided that the best course of action was to use one of my Kryptonite foods - cold cereal.  For me, it's kinda like pizza or ice cream. A bowl of raisin bran with some Soy Milk does it everytime.  Regardless of how many carbs I bolus for.  A few hours after eating it and a spike comes booming through.


I was up to a 61 at 08:56 when I set a temp basal of a 65% reduction.  Figured to be out the door by 10:00 or so.

I was rolling with the Superfly by 10:20.  Not to bad for a holiday.  :)

By 11:31 I could feel my BG was a little high.  Stopping to test I was indeed a 224.  I did make a slight bolus (about half as much as indicated) and rolled on.

I was amazed at just how HOT it was today.  It was only supposed to be in the 80s, but while on the road in the sun it was baking.  Just baking.

Along my chosen route I passed the very famous Durham Bulls Park:

and found this war veterans monument being cared for on UNC Chapel Hill:

The ride was fun, but SO hot.  When I reached the woods, single track, and fire roads is was much much better.

About 40 miles in, I began to notice a constant noise coming from the drivetrain.  It continued to get worse as the miles ticked on. It was very loud with a short amount of time.  I couldn't tell if it was coming from the rear wheel, the frame, the bottom bracket, or all three.

I slowed down and nursed the bike back to the barn.  Seems to be a re-occurring theme this week. :(

I arrived back home at 15:27 with a BG of 98.  Perfect.  I performed a standard post ride bolus of 2.25u.

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on the chapter for the book, making a little lite dinner, and then getting ready for the commute into the gig tomorrow.

Was running low before bed, so I jammed in some carbs (juice actually) and set a post ride over night temp basal of 70%.

Looks like with both mtbs in need of repair, I will be making a trip to my good friends at Trek Raleigh during the week.  :)