December 31, 2011

Training Hours: Ride: 03:17 Run: 00:00 Other: 00:00

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 45.50 units
Basal: 24.00u (53%)
Bolus: 21.50u (47%)

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 163g

As most of you who follow this blog know, 2011 has been a year of great joy and bitter defeats for me.

At the end, I am still standing, still breathing, and much happier than ever before.  Clearer in thought.  More focused.  More conscious of living each and every day to the fullest - not just saying it.

Doing it.

For the last and final day of 2011 I thought I would get out and enjoy the 65 degree temps and put some miles on the bike to put the final shovel fulls of dirt on this year.

2011 had one last gasp before being put to bed.

It was an interesting day diabetes and ride timing wise.  I set my temp basal to the usual 60% reduction at 11:38.  I was running a BG of 160, so I bolused only 1/2 of the suggested amount, knowing I was getting on the bike.

When I was getting on the bike at 12:57, my BG was up at 306.  Odd.  Could have been a lot of things... being 20 minutes late getting on the bike at the temp rate.  Lunch time snack.  The 1/2 bolus from earlier?  In any case I just felt terrible.  Wanted to just lay on the ground and nap.

I was on the phone with Diane at the time and we tossed some ideas around to how to best treat and get rolling.  Bolus called for 4u to treat that BG.  THAT would be a poor choice as my sensitivity quickly goes up when riding.  After a few minutes, we decided that a 1/2 bolus would be the best bet.  I took in 2u and waited for it drop below 250 (or, until I started to feel a bit more like myself).

At 13:44 it was down to 244, I felt like riding again, and I headed off.  Made my way along the American Tobacco Trail on my Superfly, with Lake Crabtree County Park being my destination.  A quick loop of the 7 miles there, and then back towards home.

By 14:43 my BG was down to 82, and I took in my first nutrition of 25g of Carbs via a sports bar.  Seems that the early decisions we made where spot on.

When I was on my return trip, about 6 miles from home, things got interesting.

I was at the Hwy 55, I-540 intersection when I picked up this wood screw (heck, I don't know what kind of screw it is... I am not a This Old House watcher. natch).

After unpacking my backpack for a tube and some CO2 cartridges, I realized I was not as prepared for this repair as I could have been.

I mention a lot about how endurance cycling is a lot like being a diabetic and dealing with diabetes.  Almost exactly like it.

I didn't have the right size tube for the tire, as my last ride was on my road bike.  So I unpacked the 700c 18-25 tube, took out the tubless valve stem, attached the used performance bar wrapper to the inside of the tube with a little gum, and installed the road tube.  I filled it up using the 16 gram cartridge.

Guess what?

It looked unsightly, and lumpy, but it worked.  Held air.  Rideable.  Fixed.

You may not have the fast acting of choice, or the one you are most comfortable with, if you go hypoglycemic.  You just use what you have and adapt to rectify the blood glucose.  It may change correction time, or how much of a bounce you will get.

But you make do.  You adapt.  You keep choppin.

As did I with the road tube.

I check the BG after the repair was complete and it was a picture perfect 109 at 16:09.  I actually gave a little bolus at this point as sitting for 12 minutes making the repair would certainly cause a slight incline of the BG.

Limped the bike back home to the trail head.  By the time I was there, the severely damaged tire had begun to deteriorate, and, in turn, the tube was eventually punctured.  2 or 3 miles riding on the flat.  Bike rolled on.

Just as we do with diabetes.  Everyday. Everyday.

Back at the car I shut my temp basal rate off, and tested at a 144 at 17:01 after packing up and changing my clothes.  A small 2u bolus to combat the usual post ride spike.

I had to laugh to myself as 2011 threw the last little bit it had at me.

Who knows what 2012 hold in store?  I am expecting some great things, some awesome adventures, and some fantastic victories and celebrations.  Too be sure. I imagine that things will be rough going at times.  I know they will be.

Just like life with diabetes.  You can turn the page, but the bumps continue.

I don't usually become overly bogged down with the start of a new year.

I am making an exception this year.

I am relieved that 2011 is behind me, and welcome the challenges of 2012.