December 5, 2011

So after my incident during the Tour Divide this past year, I was riding through the wilderness along the TD race route to get to somewhere (didn't know where) to get some of treatment...

After descending the trail on Mt Shark I happened upon a closed Lodge, that, thankfully, the owners where at preparing to open for the season.  The folks where kind enough to drive me to the hospital in Canmore.

I JUST yesterday came across the name of that lodge, along with the contact email of the individual who drove me (blue Jetta TDI wagon - that I remembered) - written in black sharpie on a wet and crinkled piece of paper in some luggage.

It was the Mount Engadine Lodge.

I cannot even begin figure out how to possibly thank you enough for your hospitality and kindness.  I was in a BAD way when I got to your location, and you where all magnificent, caring, and beyond helpful.  

I'm not sure how bad things would have turned out if not for your help.

Thank you.  

Thank you.  

Thank you.