December 12, 2011

The other day I tweeted that "The difference between success and failure can be razor thin. Just Keep Choppin'!".

Whether one is speaking about racing, diabetes, school work, any topic really.... those words echo true.

These words are rattling through my head as I try to wrestle with my scheduling and the effects it has on my training.  It is SO tough to get everything in.  SO tough to stay motivated when tired and starting on the trainer late at night.  SO tough to keep focused and make sure everything gets done.

It can be just SO overwhelming.  That is how it is feeling right now.

I would love to quit my job, and just be able to train when the sun is up.  Get as prepared as physically possible for Tour Divide in 6 months. Just focus 5-6 hours a day on riding, running, and strength training.

Of course it doesn't work that way. 

30 minutes on the trainer, and squeezing a TRX session in the office after work are better than nothing.  That just might be the difference in July.  Just going to do what I can today, plan for a more productive tomorrow.  

Same with dealing with diabetes.  It would be great to know the carb count on everything.  To not be put into any situations that may cause your BG to waiver.  To always be able to eat at the same time, everyday. To not have the batteries fail in your meter just as you board the airplane for that 4 hour flight.  To not be stuck at a pasta place for lunch.  To have someone bring something besides donuts to that early morning meeting.

Of course it doesn't work that way.

The difference in the A1C you want, and the A1C that you got last time is measured in the smallest of increments.

Do the best your can to bolus for that donut at that meeting, and stick with more familiar and friendly foods the rest of the day.  Make that small .05 basal change to drop that "dawn phenomena" those 10mg/dLs. Test 2 times more today if you can.

Those are the little constant things that make up success while living with diabetes.  

If things don't go according to plan (um, grandma, what do you mean that apple pie WASN'T made with Splenda), don't sweat it.  Do the best you can under the circumstances and move on.  Stay focused on the big goal.  It's just a temporary number, right?

Keep choppin'! 

Just. Keep. Choppin'!

Now, where are that pile of scratch off lottery tickets I purchased......  :)