December 1, 2011

As some of you may already know, I have spent the majority of this week in Rochester, MN on a work related trip.  It has been a weird week in the fact that although I was only there for 4 days, it feels like I have been gone for so, so much more.  A lot has seemed to have happened while I was away.

One of the things I noticed while in Rochester, was that I was missing home more than I usually would for such a short trip.  I basically like traveling and enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new regions and cultures.  It doesn't usually bother me to sleep somewhere else, use a different shower, or have to forage a bit for food.

Something was definitely missing on this trip however.

It was in the hours (and hours) that we idled waiting for network connections and server boots that it dawned on me what was wrong.

The whole time I was in Rochester, I only saw 1 bicycle.


Granted to is the beginning of December, but there should be a few hearty souls communing in Rochester proper between the University of Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic, and the respective apartment complexes.

But, the roads and street poles where strangely devoid of two wheeled pedaled transportation.

Weird both in how the lack of cycles, and in how much I noticed it.

I was pretty happy to be getting to Rochester International Airport to begin my trip home.  Figured I would be able to FaceTime with Diane for a good bit and catch up on the day, before boarding the plane.

However, the TSA had slightly different plans for me as I was VERY delayed getting through security with my diabetes related items - my attached insulin pump, along with the spare pods, syringes, and insulin pen I had in my bag.  I have never had an issue flying in and out of major metro areas like Boston, NY, Raleigh, Atlanta, etc.

It seems, since Rochester is such a TINEY airport, the TSA officials stated they had simply never seen one before and didn't know what to do.

After about 20 minutes they figured it out, and I was finally able to go about my travels.

As I am cruising at 36000ft I am simply looking forward to getting home.

I am deeply missing Diane's calming voice, beautiful smile, and soft eyes.

I am anxious to sleep in my own bed, and snack in my own kitchen.

And, I will be happy to see a host of bicycles leaning up against the walls in my apartment.