December 17, 2011

Did you ever just spent a minute and think... where will it end?  No. Not "rapture", the Mayan calendar, or "Nibiru".

I am talking diabetes.

I spend a large amount of time advocating for diabetes research, trying to raise awareness for people afflicted with diabetes, and trying to live in a way that promotes the ability to live a normal life regardless of being diagnosed with Type 1, Type 2, LADA, etc.  I read TONS of articles on new research that promises to one day, possibly, be the path to the cure.

With all that, to be honest, I don't spent hardly any time at all daring to think that day will come, and what it will be like.

I truly believe it is coming.  I REFUSE (staunchly) to get a diabetes related tattoo because, as I have explained more than a few times, I don't want to be "stuck with it" after I am cured.

A cure is coming.

There is no doubt.  I believe that as sure as I believe the sun with rise tomorrow. As it has for the past 4.57 billion years (give or take).

Tonight as I sat here quietly looking at some photos by Teresa Ollila (an artist whose photos I just happened upon today) I was consumed by one of a baby in a crib with a pump attached.

As I stared at it, I thought about my 34 years with Type 1.  Would this little tiny person still have diabetes in 34 years?  Will it be cured by then?  I will be 77 years old when this little one reaches that milestone.

90% of my life being spent with Type 1 diabetes.

I let myself imagine a cure coming in the next decade.  Or two.  What it would feel like to walk into the Endo office for the last time.

The last time, ever.

Get an injection, out patient surgery, whatever, and then head home.  Pump and meter detached and in a box.  Never to be used again.  I imagined this toddler's parents taking out an infusion set, and never putting a new one in.

What that day will feel like.

I wondered out loud to myself why I don't think about that day more often.  To that end I'm not really sure.  Like riding on an uphill that goes on for hours, maybe I just keep my focus a little ahead of the front wheel and make my mind go blank.

For now we just need to keep pushing towards that goal.  To work tirelessly encouraging decision makers to keep that result in focus, to raise funds for researching all possible avenues of technical advancement and cure investigation, and to keep ourselves, our bodies, as "undamaged" as possible for the day the cure is announced.

That announcement will be quickly followed (as long as it takes me to stop sobbing, dry my eyes, and collect myself), by the deleting of the Type1Rider blog, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

I. Can't. Wait.

Until then, tomorrow is another day....

We sharpen our axes tonight, and we just Keep On Choppin' tomorrow.