November 30, 2011

I have been up in Rochester MN for work the past couple of days, and am looking forward to heading home tomorrow evening. The trip itself has been ok, but I feel like I have missed SO much while I was away. :)

Training while on the road for short trips is difficult, as just as you get acclimated to the best run route, best facility, etc., you are headed home already.

Flying into Rochester was unusual to say the least. I flew from RDU to Minneapolis, then took another flight (just 16 minutes and 29 seconds long) to Rochester.

Rochester is a tiny airport. Tiney. This pic was taken standing against the wall at one side of the terminal:

Yes, those windows are the other side. :)

They have a subway here underground with no trains or rails, BTW, and skyway between the structures so you mostly don't have to go outside to get from building to building.

Like a big habitrail.

Did I mention it's COLD here a lot of the time?


It's cold here most of the time.

While here I learned that the normal ear of corn has 14 rows. A tornado destroyed this town in '72, and a 100 year flood put 7" of rain an hour here in '78 (I think it was '78).

Although the folks here are terrific, and Victoria's makes a mean piece of Tiramisu.....

Did I mention I am looking forward to getting home tomorrow?


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