August 11, 2011

As most of you are aware, by now, the past 12 months has been filled with quite a few enormous challenges, trying moments, and life altering events.

Both on and off the bike.

A lot of these have brought an exuberant and endless amount of stress and turmoil, while others rained disappointment and disgust down onto my life.  While still others have brought me immeasurable joy, and unbridled happiness.

During these past months, I have learned that those who are relatives and believed to be dear friends are sometimes the very first to betray you.  I have honestly discovered what true friendship, true love, and true commitment and support really are.  

I have literally fought for my own life, and for access to my two young sons.  Both against foes that I had never encountered before nor expected to have to so vehemently engage.

Through it all I have been blessed with a core group of unbelievably incredible people that I consider my real family who never wavered, always helped, and where always there.  

Through it all.  

Start to finish.  

They inspired me, shielded me, comforted me, guided me, and kicked me in the pants when it was needed.  

All with no judgement.

The Diabetes Online Community, part of my true family, has come to my aid on numerous occasions this year.  I am still working on thanking each of you personally who took the time to post following my Tour Divide incident.  I am continually rendered completely speechless by your seemingly never ending support, and the strength you provide me, even as my entire world is crashing down around me.

I cannot possibly thank you all enough for all you have done.

Thank you.

As I have turned the proverbial corner, and things are getting back to some semblance of normal, I have had time to give the events of the past year a lot of thought.

I recognize my mistakes, have learned a ton, and was able to gain a new perspective on a lot of things.

It is with the kindest thoughts and appreciation of ALL the members of the DOC, and all others who have helped me this year, that I would like to dedicate and present this video that everyone of you inspired and helped to make:

Keep Choppin'!