August 12, 2011

I really need to send a LONG LONG LONG overdue heartfelt thank you to Ryan Draper and the staff at Rebound Cycle in Canmore, AB Canada.

The day after my release from the hospital in June, Ryan basically took me in after I "road" to their store.  He was so incredibly kind, and provided me with everything I needed to head home.

He loaned me shoes, shorts, and a shirt from his personal collection so I wouldn't have to wear my kit and cycling shoes on the airplane ride home.  Also, Ryan and his wonderful group of co-workers provided me with invaluable information and rapidly packed the Superfly for the trip home (a rush job as the taxi was sitting there waiting to get me to the airport). 

When you are in a town you don't know the support Rebound Cycle, and Ryan personally, provided was a help beyond measure.

Great group of people. I am eternally grateful.

If you ever find yourself heading to America, and particularly North Carolina, please know you have a place to call home.