July 21, 2011

Wow.  I looked at my last blog post date, and I can't believe is has been 18 days.  Well actually in some ways I can, but in others it seems SO yesterday...  I do apologize for the delay.  My mind, and my life, have been in a bit of struggle for the last little bit.  LOTS of post Tour Divide stuff to work through, and tons of personal changes happening.  Truthfully, it leaves me a bit tired and just wanting to rest some days.

ALL of you have been SO incredibly helpful and supportive following my Tour Divide fall and "swim".  I have been slowly working on it, and I WILL get back to each of you.  Thank you all again so much.

I feel like I have turned a corner, and am beginning to feel normal about riding, training, and racing again.  Lots to talk about there, and maybe some announcements too, but......

I have been wanting to write to talk about my visit with Noah The Diabetes Dude on July 4th!

Noah and his parents, Tim and  Tracy, and his family where gracious enough to stop in for a little while on their way to the Children with Diabetes conference in Orlando, FL.

Little did I know that they had a special gift for me.

I was late (yes, you who know me can chuckle now) getting to the coffee shop on the out skirts of Raleigh were we had agreed to meet.  Luckily for me the Brokmeier family is a VERY understanding group.  :)

I have always admired the work Noah has done, and how his grassroots organization has really blossomed into a recognizable force in the diabetes community.  EVERYONE knows about the Blue Flamingo.  It was a real treat for me to get a chance to sit down with them and talk about our organizations, what it was like to be in school with Type 1, share our views on the direction of research, and our individual goals for the future.

Afterwards it was like I had known them since I was diagnosed all those many years ago.  Like a part of the family.

As it was getting time for them to get back on the road to reach another destination, Noah and the Brokmeier's presented me with two items that changed the course of the Type1Rider Organization, and my life forever.

The first was a Blue Flamingo of my very own, named Determination. I was very moved by this gesture, and will be taking my blue friend with me everywhere I go to help spread the word about diabetes.

I cannot even begin to adequately explain the second gift.

Luckily for me, you all know about it already as each of your where instrumental in making it so unbelievably special.

It defies description, and melted me straight away.

It is the most valuable item I have ever held in my hands.

I don't even know where to start to thank each and everyone of you who contributed to the book.

A sweeter more meaning full gift has never been given, and I will treasure this forever.

A life changer.

A mind changer.

A major turning point in the history of Type1Rider, and my life.

I cannot express my gratefulness and my gratitude towards Noah, Tim and Tracy, and all of you for making such a huge impact in my life and my healing.

Thank you.

Before they left Noah and I did a TwitCast together.  I really enjoyed that, and it made a great memory for me.

We said our goodbyes, and, as they drove away, I KNEW that I had made a life long friendship and that we WOULD be working together in some capacity some day.

Not lost that our visit occurred on independence day.

Thanks Noah.