July 3, 2011

I am slowly but surely digging out from underneath the rubble that was/is Tour Divide.  I am so emotionally out of it, and my body is still aching.  I'm not complaining, but am just not myself yet.

I am looking forward to a visit from The Diabetes Dude tomorrow morning, July 4th, in Raleigh, and am also going to try to ride my Superfly SS on some single track for a bit to see how I am feeling.  Finger crossed, eh?

About two years back we operated a fairly popular diabetes and exercise related forum here at Type1Rider.  After the maintenance got to be too much and we moved host providers, we shut it down.  We have, however, had a TON of requests and interest in reactivating the forums over the few months.

The idea behind these forums would be a safe and public place to discuss ALL things diabetes, ask questions, and get real answers from others who are battling the same issues.  It is also one more resource we can offer here at Type1Rider.

Tonight I would like to announce the relaunch of The Type1Rider Forums.  We have added a new "Forums" button on the toolbar at the top of this site.  Of course registration is free, and full use of the forums are available right after registration.

We will be seeking Moderators to handle the different sections of the board, so if you are interested please let me know via email.

I hope these forums grow to be a valued resource and reference for all members of the Type1Rider community.  Enjoy!

Tomorrow.... The Diabetes Dude! (I am SO excited!!!)