December 18, 2010

Training Hours:
Ride: 02:56
Run: 00:00
Other: 01:13

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 39.30 units
Meal: 11.50u
Corr: 3.95u
Basal: 23.85u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 143g

It's been a couple of days since I have managed to get a post up. It's not been that I haven't been doing anything - it's just been between work, training, the upcoming Holiday season, and family events and parties, I just literally have not been able to find the time.  Besides the full work schedule the past week and a half, I have put in over 22 hours of training (even with the bad weather - more on that later), attended two school functions, dealt with school closings and delays, and gotten through MOST of my holiday preparations. 

A huge problem I have been dealing with lately is that my sleep patterns have been a wreck.  Some caused by being a little sick, some by stress, and other night's interrupted by "normal" stuff (i.e. children sick, bad dreams, etc).  This has been adding to the inability of mine to really be on top of things like normal.

The days have been flying by as we approach the end of the year.  There are so many things happening all at once.  I am normally very good at multitasking, but lately it seems the only thing is focus is the one I am concentrating on.  Everything else looks like blurs going by at 1,000mph.  To be truthful, it has been a little disconcerting. 

I feel pretty good that as we get through the end of this year, and put the extra load of the holidays behind us, things will get back to normal.  Or so I hope.  :)

The last week has seen some of the most bizzarre and unusual weather for us here in NC. has the normal temps for us in December at high 40s low 50s.  We have been settled in to low to mid 30s for about 10 days.  We even saw snow on 2 days in the past 10.  NOT NORMAL.  Of course for a lot of people in the country that is nothing - I know that.  However, we just don't experience that here very often.  I have spend a ton of time lately browsing the Craft and Pearl Izumi sites looking for more layers. 

Today I got up and early today to head over to the UNC Wellness Center to get through the scheduled 60 minutes of leg and core strength training.  My BG was at a perfect 93 when I was leaving the house.  I made a comment on twitter about needing coffee, which is always the case.  ;)

The workout felt great!  I can feel myself becoming more accustomed to strength training every other day, and getting into that groove.

I found one of the sweetest things as I headed back out to the car to head for home.  There was a little folded piece of paper under my windshield wiper, and in it was a gift certificate to a local coffee shop.  The note read "This is to help with your early morning training.  Go Type1Rider! -  Stacy (type 1) age 9 & her mom".  

I was completely floored.  Stacy - Thank you SO MUCH! You have no idea how much this gesture touched my heart. If your mom could sent me an email, I would like to contact both of your personally to say thanks.

After I got home, I moved prepared for Chris and Jay from Endurance NEWTrition to come by and pick up some baby furniture.  It was a little weird to see it go, as I have lots of memories with my boys and that furniture.  Those memories will stay with me forever though.  So excited for Chris!

I set my pump to a temp basal of a 60% reduction around 12:00, in preparation for a 3 hour ride starting 60 minutes later.  BG was a 177, so I just did a little trim bolus to try and get near my on bike target BG of 150.

All the trails near my house are closed due to all the ice, sleet, rain, and snow we have been having.  I figured I would just do today's training on the American Tobacco Trail, since it normally dries quickly and it would probably be almost empty do to the near freezing temp.

Well, at least I was right on 1 account.  It was almost empty.

I struggled a bit to stay on the normal hydration and carb intake schedule due to the cold and the mud/water spray.  I eventually ran out of clean spots of clothing to wipe the bottle off with, and with every bite of a performance bar I was treated to dirt. 

BGs were not ideal and hovered in the low 80s for the ride.  Near the end I was running out of gas, but I was able to arrive back home a little bit ahead of schedule.  BG was an 88 at the ride end, and I bolused 3.3u to prevent the normal BG surge.

Rest of the day was pretty normal.  BGs stayed in the 89-113 range, but did dip a little before bed.

I went to bed with an overnite post ride temp basal of 75%

On the bike again tomorrow... hey look, it's sleeting outside... great.  :)