December 22, 2010

I have just submitted the required Letter of Intent to participate in the 2011 Tour Divide.  Although not posted  on the Tour Divide site yet, it reads as follows:

Since founding the Type1Rider organization in 2005 I have lived all aspects of my life as a Type 1 diabetic with the covers removed. I have transparently used endurance mountain bike racing and training to further my personal mission of raising awareness, promoting education, providing support, and fostering encouragement for all people affected by this relentless disease. During this time I have shared via posts and during speaking engagements all the highs and lows (literally), the victories and defeats, and everything I do, feel, and have learned about living with this disease since being diagnosed with it 34 years ago.

Over the past 20 months I have been quietly working with a tight knit group of supporters on the logistics of possibly competing in the Tour Divide as a pump wearing juvenile diabetic. While I know the challenges will be immense, there is no denying the rewards would be insurmountable. Participating in a race such as this would completely shatter all doubt surrounding any person living with diabetes.

Over the years I have spoken to 1000s of people affected by diabetes, and have witnessed first hand the terrible and deep running effects this disease has on individuals and families alike. All of their experiences are eerily similar - living with diabetes makes “control” sometimes seem unattainable and fear a constant companion.

My dream and focus is to foster an understanding that those affected can successfully live with this disease, to help people with diabetes conquer their fears, and to better manage the issues that it brings to our daily lives. To have them truly believe that diabetes is indeed manageable, and, with that, comes a world without personal limits.

In my mind, completing the Tour Divide would indeed make a historic diabetic statement, and prove to each and every diabetic out there that they do, indeed, have control. Every single pedal stroke and step I take along the 2745 mile route will be traveled with the other 24,000,000 Americans that have diabetes.

Of course an undertaking of this stature cannot be attempted without personal passion and conviction. This race is something I feel I have been, in one way or another, actually been preparing for my entire life. All of my experiences and interactions have led me down this path. While many view endurance races as opportunities to beat a field of other riders, it has always been to me much more about testing myself and beating this disease.

I do hereby state I will be lining up in Banff on June 10th, and, along with the band of other riders, and the spirit of TPG, competing in the 2011 Tour Divide.   

I am now ALL IN and an officially entered in the 2011 version of this event.