December 7, 2010

It's been an interesting couple of days, for sure.  The weather here in central NC is abysmal - for North Carolina anyway.  The average high at this time of year in this part of the country is 53.  Today we got to 33.  Right now it's only 25.  Oh yeah, these are indeed in Fahrenheit.  Still paying that karma thing from last week.  :)

Due to the extreme cold, I have been mainly indoors at the UNC Wellness Center doing some strength training, or hitting the indoor track.  Fun?  No.  Warm? Yes.  Looks like temps get back to normal in a couple of days.  I  literally just don't have the arsenal of cold weather riding gear to deal with this day in and day out.  Yes, yes, I know my friend Nancy from Michigan will be all "we deal with those temp all the time.  Heck, that's practically the high in May!".  I can hear it now.  :)

In any case as I was running around the indoor track I got tired of counting all the concrete blocks, and my mind began to focus on Tour Divide issues that need solving.  One of the biggest facing me right now is how to store all of the extra diabetes supplies that I will need to carry.  The list is LONG:

  • Spare pump
  • 6 CGM transmitters
  • 6-10mL of insulin
  • 4 infusion sets (w/ tubing)
  • 3 syringes
  • 3 BG meters
  • 100 test strips (2 canisters)
  • Batteries for all devices
I contacted Eric at Revelate Designs to begin the processes of how to carry and protect these specific items.  I sent him a bunch of detailed information about each item, including weight, dimensions, etc.  My idea was to have him construct a "safe" inside one of his custom frame bag to carry these items.  Eric actually came up with a much easier solution - a Pelican Case. (He is definetly a LOT smarter than me, as that idea never occurred to me.  I even have these at work for laptops.  Duh.) 

So I think I am all set.  I just need to get a case or two of the approximate size I think I will need and see how the items fit.  Then I need to find the frame dimensions of a 17.5" 2011 Trek Superfly so I can get my orders in.  He has about an 8 week lead time, so I should be all good as long as I get this to him in a week or two.  

Oh yeah, and find some $$$.  Minor detail.  :)  

Given our weather here, maybe I should order the Pogies first?

The other thing that has come up on the Children With Diabetes message boards, is the question of the smell of insulin and wild animals.  Of course animals (like the bears routinely found on the Tour Divide) can smell insulin, the question is what does it smell like to them?  Food?  Repellent?  The Pelican case should prevent the smell of insulin from escaping, but I would like to get a little more insight into this.  For non diabetics, insulin basically smells like Band-Aids.  Sounds ridiculous, but that is what it smells like.

The last thought I had time to process was that of insulin survivability given the range of temps I could possibly encounter while doing the race.  I need to dig around a little more and discover the average temps along the route, both in low lying areas and at altitude.  I think I am going to be ok in terms of insulin and temps, but I need to confirm that.

Yeah, good idea.  

Hoping for warmer weather tomorrow and Thursday.  

Any chance?  Um, a little.  LOL!