December 3, 2010

Ride Hours: 01:17 Ride Hours: 00:26

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 41.60 units
Meal: 9.90u
Corr: 6.60u
Basal: 25.10u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 154g

After work I headed home to get my prescribed daily dose of base training in. Wanted to be moving by 17:30.  As I was leaving work at 16:33 I could tell I was a bit high, but didn't get a chance to test for a few minutes.  Wasn't to worried, just figured I won't active the normal pre workout temp basal until closer to ride time.

When I finally did get a chance almost 50 minutes had gone by.   I was at a 240 at 17:20, and it was easy to see why.  Somehow between the end of my last meeting at 15:30 and now I had broken my infusion set down the middle.  Cracked the plastic completely in half, and it was being held "together" by the clip at the end of the tubing. 

Replaced infusion set, bolused 1.75u to take the edge off, and then headed out for my the ride portion of my workout without a temp basal set.  Original plan was to active a tmp rate 30 minutes after I began.

Got all my single leg and interval work in on the Superfly in the first 45 minutes, and was about 7 miles down the American Tabbaco Trail when I felt the front of the bike begin to feel sluggish.  Yup.  You guessed it... FLAT.

So I open the seat bag, and, duh... the tube and CO2 cartridge had been replaced by a bag of M&Ms.  That's not good.  At that point I noticed the rear tire was starting to deflate as well.  Hmmm..... definitely ran something over. 

So I road the bike back on the flats.  Just taking my time so as not to damage the rims.  No worries, it happens.

Got back to the house after 1:17 of pedaling.  Took a look at my HRM and discovered that it wasn't working.  Seriously?  I just put a new battery in it too... ok. Must be the cold.  No problem.  Just change to my running shoes and get the last part of this workout in. 

Just after lacing up my shoes my iPod went dead.  Laughable.

Got the run in just fine, and was happy to be home at 19:20 with a BG of 112.  I never did activate a temp rate, and took in no nutrition at all during the workout.  With the base level pace, the shorter length of the session, and the BG high at the start, I figured it wasn't necessary.  Got right on that one.

Cool thing about running through the neighborhood this time of year is the holiday decorations. Funny how some streets ALL the houses are done, and others NONE are done.


BG was pretty normal the rest of the night, w/ readings of 109 and 141. 

Went to bed without setting a tmp basal.  I think I got enough of a recovery meal in me, and, again, the base level of the workout should leave me ok in the morning.