December 4, 2010

Ride Hours: 01:52

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 44.94 units
Meal: 17.50u
Corr: 3.10u
Basal: 24.34u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 208g

Well, it must have the comment to my friend Nancy in Florida I made last week.  She mentioned that her window needed to be scraped in the morning.  So I went on, and on about getting her an ice scraper with a build in lined glove, with fake fur, blah, blah, blah, blah....

Karma is indeed still very active in the universe.

Afterward,  I started to prepare for a 14:00 mtb ride.  It was a little chilly out for sure (high of only 38 or so yesterday), but I was looking forward to it.  Activated a tmp basal of a 60% reduction at 13:10, and grabbed half a pb&j sandwhich.

Grabbed my cold weather gear and put in my bag, got the bike ready.  You know the usual.

There was ice on the windows in Florida last week.

So I left the UNC Wellness Center parking lot on the S'Fly at 14:25 with wet and heavy snow falling at a pretty good clip.  It wasn't to bad really, as riding in the snow is awesome fun.

By the time I got the 10 miles or so to the trails, I had a coating of snow on me, my helmet, my glasses, and the front of the bike.

For those in the colder winter climates, this is nothing.  However, we only saw the white stuff twice last winter.  This is pretty cool and exciting.

I stayed off the single track as the trails were wet, but had a really good time riding the double track, and the fire roads, and over the railroad trestle (although that was more sketch then I would have prefered).

When I popped back out onto the pavement to head home, I discovered just how wicked Karma can be.

Of course the snow had changed to a rain/sleet mix.  Air temp was down to just above freezing.  The roads had developed a nice 1/2-1" coating of very wet slush on the shoulder.

Were bikes usually travel.  I literally laughed out load.

By the time I was half way home, I was soaked to the bone every where except my upper body which was covered by this really fantastic Pearl Izumi soft shell jacket I just got as a birthday present a few weeks ago.

The water had frozen on my helmet, the outsides of my gloves, everywhere.  My shoes were filled with ice water.  I was freezing - literally.  :)

The screen on my pump wasn't very readable, but I did set my basal rate back to normal when I was about 25 minutes out from getting back to the Wellness Center.

When I got back I stripped out of all my wet clothes, basically all my clothes, got changed, and sat in the car laughing with the heat blasting.  At least the iPod worked the whole time today.  No HRM data though.  Go figure.

My BG was at an 83, and I bolused for 3.75u to prevent the normal post ride spike.  Was a little low on nutrition intake during the ride. 

When I went to bed I set a over night post ride temp basal rate of 75%.  Went a little lower on the basal rate tonight as I didn't take in much during or post ride.

Hey look... tomorrow is going to be sunny and 45 degrees.  You don't say.  LOL!