December 3, 2010

This is Andrew, the son of a friend of mine.  He was diagnosed with Type 1 earlier this year just a few days before he turned 4.  His mom is one tough cookie, and, like all mom's of small Type 1 kids, spends her life worrying and caring for her son.  It is, as a lot of you already know first hand, a full time, around the clock job which she does completely by herself.  It takes it's toll.  Her reward for her solo tireless work, from what I can tell, is one happy, brave, completely normal little boy.

This young guy, like the SO MANY other children with Type 1, know of a life with infusion sets, ketones, injections, endless finger pricks, and insulin pumps.

Their parents are battle hardened individuals who have the scars of frustration, fear, and sleepless nights of dealing with the 'D'.  People I know and have spoken to like Jessica, Diane, Aaron, Claire, Melissa, Katie, and thousands of others are true silent heroes whom each and everyday are battling, at times, the complete unknown.

Both these young patients and their Warrior parents so inspire me.  I am in awe of what they do.

Andrew has been very sick lately, naturally causing his BGs to be way off, and he was admitted to the hospital for treatment today.  I wanted to personally let him and his mom Diane know that I and the entire DOC are thinking about them, and that I hope Andrew is feeling better very, very soon.

There is one person, like Andrew, diagnosed with diabetes every 21 seconds.  That's 4,320 people a DAY, everyday.

Without stop.

We need to work to find a cure.