November 21, 2010

Ride Hours: 05:05

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 44.28 units
Meal: 17.63u
Corr: 4.15u
Basal: 22.50u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 213g

Sunday was unbelievably great weather here, and, even though I felt fair-to-midland I thought it would be a great day to go and get some base miles in.  I have been missing the tranquility of the bike lately, and the sun shine and 70 degree temps were calling.

I set a temp basal of 60% of normal at 9:45, and planned on being on my bike 60 minutes later.  It was a little cool at the start, but I only needed to wear a short sleeve Craft and some arm warmers to handle it.  Figured I could take them off pretty easily if I got too warm.

I "wamed up" for about 20 minutes by racing the kids around the neighborhood (hey, this is MUCH harder than you would think.  My boys can down right FLY...), and then hit the road for the 15 mile commute to the trails.

Had a good time riding on the trails near Lake Crabtree County Park, and saw a host of people I know.  A couple of riders wanted to do a little "speed work" with  me, and I obliged.  But only for a short while as I am just trying to get the cycling legs back under me after a couple of weeks off.

I was doing a loop through Umstead County Park when I ran into (not literally) Chris from Endurance Newtrition.  It was fun to ride with her for a while.

I then turned to home and was back at the house by 16:00.  Stayed pretty much on the normal 20oz of Maltodextrose, water, and Nuun per hour, plus the addition of a couple more calories via a sports bar or banana or similar.

Ended the ride spot on with a BG of 104.  I did do a post ride bolus of 4u to ward off the normal post ride BG spike.  Covered 59 miles, burned 4863 calories, and managed to find 2800ft of vert.

During the last 90 minutes of the ride, I knew I had pushed the distance a little too far considering how sick I was feeling.  I almost could feel my condition getting worse as I pedaled home.  By 21:00 I was as sick as a dog.  Fever, chills, sweating, muscle aches everywhere, and ex-haust-ed.  Definitely flu like symptoms.  I called in sick to work and will be getting to the doctor ASAP tomorrow.

Since I was feeling pretty bad, I had a feeling my BG would rise (which is normal for me while fighting infections or flu bugs).  Therefore, I didn't adjust my basal rate at all like I would normally do following a ride when I went to bed.  Call it a hunch.

Hope to contact Eric at Revelate Designs sometime tomorrow so we can talk about frame bag designs.  We need to work out a protective box/pouch/pocket to house my spare pump and insulin delivery apparatus while on Tour Divide.  Love this stuff!