November 24, 2010

The past three days has found me completely incapacitated by a flu bug.  Today is the first day that i feel that I am actually functioning like some form of human.  I don't think I have been this sick in 20 years.  The fatigue is unbelievable.  Getting up, dressed, and ready just wears me out.  The antibiotics are finally starting to help a bit though, so, hopefully, before the weekend, I am feeling well enough to start training some again.

I am starting a new training plan on Dec. 1.  Not completely sure what is in store yet, but I am sure it will be "fun".  The past couple of weeks of riding just for fun has been great.  I have begun to truly miss the peace that riding bike gives me, so I am ready to go.

On the funny/ironic side is the fact that I will be doing some running as part of this new training program.  I am heading to Fleet Feet this week to grab some new shoes (um, George... we need to schedule an appointment. LOL) so I am ready.  Along with some trail running, I am also going to be doing a fair amount of stair work at the stadiums on campus.

All of my friends who know me quite well are rolling on the ground laughing hysterically right now.

Yeah, me too.

Not really.

I'll take photos.  :)

Almost as funny as me running on a regular basis is if you are a fan of Sesame Street, or have little one's who are, is this "story"  Hopefully the campaign works, and a muppet will make it's first showing on SNL since Kermit in 2004.  Who doesn't like Cookie Monster?  Always makes me laugh:

I'm in!

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