November 18, 2010

Ride Hours: 01:51

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 50.11 units
Meal: 17.15u
Corr: 4.95u
Basal: 28.01u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 216g

After work I hustled over to the UNC Wellness center to get changed and out on the Superfly Single Speed for a little bit.  I was in my chilly weather gear (actually used leg warmers for the first time in months) and was pedaling to the sound of Pinhead Circus at 17:30 sharp.  I had set a temp rate of a 60% reduction a little over an hour earlier, so it worked out perfectly.

Tried to just have a nice base ride tonight.  The sky was unbelievable!  Clear and TONS of stars visible once I got into the woods and cut the light off.  Just amazing. I tried to take a pic, but it just didn't capture it.  Magnificent.  It really reminded me of why I feel in love with cycling in the first place.

I didn't ride any single track due to the rain we had had the night before.  So, it was just a nice long greenway/fire road/bike path loop around Chapel Hill.

For an experiment tonight I decided to try to just keep the BG level by using only temp basal rates adjustments, and specific paces.  There are going to be times on the Tour Divide that I just will not have the opportunity to eat and hydrate like I want to.  So I figured tonight was as good of a night as any to give it try. I figured I could get it fairly close, and I did have some "fast acting" with me, so no worries if it went sideways.

After 30 minutes I lowered my basal rate to a 85% reduction, and kept my HR in the 145-155 range.  It worked flawlessly, save for me pushing just a tad hard for a handful of minutes at the 1 hour mark.

After 90 minutes I set my basal rate back to normal, and did my final climb and decent back towards home. I arrived back at the car at 19:20 with a BG of 67.  So it wasn't perfect, but I figured I made the mistake of going back to my normal basal rate a tad too early. I was actually pretty stoked though.

I did a 3.5u post ride bolus at that time to prevent the normal BG spike once I get of the bike.  I also didn't take in any post ride nutrition until I ate later on around 21:00 or so.

An hour later I was humming along at a 89.  Sweet.

Went to bed with a the normal post ride over night temp basal of 75% set.