November 26, 2010

Ride Hours: 02:22

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 48.58 units
Meal: 14.95u
Corr: 6.70u
Basal: 26.93u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 143g

Another day off today, so I was able to spend a great deal of time with the family.  Man, we have had a great couple of days.

Today marks the end of my 42nd year on the planet.  Can't believe I just wrote that as I don't tell anyone about it... ever.  Not big into celebrating my own bday, but I enjoy sharing it with K and the boys.  They made today VERY special, and I appreciate it!

I managed to find some time to get out on the mtb for a bit, so I lowered my basal rate to a 60% reduction at 13:00.  Figured to be on the bike by 14:00.

Since it had been raining, most trail systems were closed.  I grabbed the single speed and headed over to the UNC Wellness Center to ride the ol' traditional Rain Hill Repeat loop Marcee and I came up with 2 years ago.  Never get sick of it, although I do miss her when I am training on it.

Ride was pretty nice considering I am still not feeling like myself.  Kinda like high altitude training when your nose is stuffed up and your lungs are filled with junk.  :)

Stayed on the normal Maltodextrose, Nuun, H2O drink mix, and 20g Cs of a performance bar per hour.  Works like a champ.

The trails I road on (no single track, just to be clear) where quite difficult today due to the mud, wet rocks and roots, and all the leaf fall.  A TON of holes (craters might better describe it) between large bowling ball sized rocks were filled in with leaves making them impossible to see.  Twice I drove the front tire into one of these.  If I was on a 26" wheel I would have been toast.  The 29er works so well in conditions like this.  More grip, and less likely to get tossed over the bars when you have "pilot error".  LOL!  Love me some 29" wheels.

Was back at the car at 16:22.  A little longer than I wanted to go, but I did have a great time!  Getting more used to the 34/19 gearing I am currently running, but looking forward to getting back to the 32/19 or 32/18 setup I had.  (BTW I read somewhere that Heather Irmiger runs a 32/14 on her Superfly SS.  Really?  Holy smokes.  THAT is sick).

BG was a PERFECT 111 when I got done.  I did a post ride bolus of 3u just to prevent the oncoming BG spike.

Later on that evening I felt like I had been hit by a train.  Completely wiped.  I mean wiped.  Definitely still feeling the effects of being sick.  Wow, it has been a LONG time.

Had a great time opening gifts with the family, and sharing a bday cake.  Man, those kids like to blow out candles.  :)

Was getting to bed at 22:22 and the BG was a 72.  I wasn't sure exactly what to do.  I got here by over bolusing for dinner, but had a little slice of cake for dessert.  Add to the confusion was still being sick, the antibiotics I am still on, and the 2.5hr ride I did.

Took a small risk, and didn't take any Cs in.  Set a std post ride over nite tmp basal of 80% and called it a day.  To be truthful, I wasn't sure if this was going to work... but it did.  :)