October 2, 2010

I am a couple of posts behind on the blog, but right now life is moving at litespeed....

Lots of cool things in the past week including participating in a JDRF mountain bike clinic in Charlotte, and completing lots of good training rides (including the one today I actually got lost on - details to follow).

The field study got postponed for about two weeks while some of the smaller (and hysterical) details got ironed out. Hopefully it won't be below 40 degrees for the over night lows before we get to it. ;)

I am doing a cool adventure style mountain bike race here in Chapel Hill early tomorrow. Looks to be in the 60-80 mile range depending on how many optional checkpoints you aim for.

Yup. All of them is the plan. :)

I have received a host of very kind and fantastic messages, emails, and posts lately. I will respond to all of them, I just need to find a quiet moment. Right. LOL!

Thanks so much for sending them, and seriously I will catch up with them soon.

I need to go eat and head off to bed. I have been VERY tired lately (scary tired).

After pouring over them this evening, I'll be dreaming of maps....

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