September 22, 2010

Ride Hours: 01:58

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 50.72 units
Meal: 20.45u
Corr: 5.75u
Basal: 24.52u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 260g

Today was my last day to get on the bike before this weekend's JDRF mtb clinic.  Another stunning day for a ride.  I shot this pic at 17:30 just before leaving on my Superfly.

At 16:25 I set my tmp basal rate to a 70% reduction, and grabbed a quick 15g C snack, figuring I would be in good shape to start pedaling in an hour.

Drove to the UNC Wellness Center and got changed by 17:05.  I tested at that time, just as quick check, and was pretty annoyed to find myself at a 66.  Of course instinct would be to pound a large number of Cs as fast as possible.  I knew that this would be a short term gain, long term loss, as it would undoubtedly lead to me running high during the ride.

I just took in some more quick simple Cs via a soft drink, and then rolled out on the bike at 17:30 sharp. I stayed disciplined and kept to the regular 20-30g Cs per hour rate.  I did fall behind on the Nuun infused H2O, and only consumed 30oz for the ride.

I did some hill repeat work, before riding over to Keenan Stadium for some "extra curricular"  training.  Did a complete loop of stairs while carrying the bike CX style.

Once done here, I road over to Wilson Park to try a catch up with Greg Smith from the Tricyclists.   He had just returned from a trip to Columbus OH and I wanted to see how it went.

Was there for about 45 mins chatting, so I did a quick 1.25u bolus.

Once I got rolling again I put my lite on, and ripped through Forest Theater and back up Franklin Street, before heading back to the car.

As I was decending through Chapel Hill, I set my basal rate back to normal.

I have been struggling with my cycling shoes for a couple of weeks now, and they were completely acting up again tonight.  After new inserts, a cleat feet, new socks, and new pedals it is just time to hang these up.  They are good for 90 mins or so, but then turn ugly.  Hot spots, especially on the right foot.

Mission for tomorrow is to buy a new pair of the 'ole reliables'.  Hard to be an endurance cyclist when your shoes make you want to hang your bike up after 2 hours. ;(  I was really, really annoyed about this when I got back to the car.

BG was at a 67 at 20:24 when I finished up.  That bolus during the break was a hair to high.  Not bad though, considering.  It surely wasn't optimal, but if I was still going to be riding it is easier to fix, and less damaging, then say a 247.  LOL!

Want to give a shout to my friend and Crewmate Mark Carney as he heads to Utah tomorrow for a race this weekend. Giv'em hell.

Set my standard over night post ride temp basal of 75% when I hit the hay.

New shoes, and a meeting at school tomorrow.  Can't wait! :)