September 15, 2010

Ride Hours: 02:15 + 01:22

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 43.26 units
Meal: 16.66u
Corr: 5.65u
Basal: 20.95u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 195g

After work on Wednesday, I headed over to park at the UNC Wellness Center to head out for a ride. As I let the office I dropped my basal rate by 60%, and figured to be on the bike an hour later.

The weather was absolutely picture perfect and this was the first day that I really noticed a change in the humidity levels heading out for a ride. It's getting dark pretty early again too, and I spoke with George Scott about night riding becoming the norm very soon. Foreshadowing?

As planned I rolled out on my Superfly Singlespeed planning for 2hrs of higher interval training a couple if ticks before 17:30.

Did a hot lap through the more popular trails and headed for home. About 20 mins from the Wellness Center I set my basal rate back to normal.

The sun was just beginning to cast long shadows when I got back into the parking lot. BG was a spot on 107, and I bolused only 3u to prevent a post ride spike. I noticed I hadn't consumed a lot of calories during the ride (due to pace) so less post ride intake was needed.

As I unpacked my jersey pockets, I began to panic. No really. My iPhone had fallen out while I was in the trail. Oh man...

So although this is just a jail-broken 3G with no data plan, it dud gave some live connections to a few email accts, Facebook, and Twitter. I usually have it passcode locked, but while riding (since I have gloves on) I unlock it.

I quickly called a friend on the iPhone 4 I don't ride with and talked her through changing the acct passwords for the exposed apps. I then logged on to my service provider and deactivated that phone.

I thought about the specific places on trail I might have dropped it. Best bet was to drive closer to one of those places, and run the trail with a light to check it out.

After a quick 15 min car ride, I looked at the most probable spot. Nadda.

I figured I needed to ride the trail again and search for it. Only problem was insulin on board.

I suspended insulin delivery, and ate an energy bar sans bolus. Took 10 mins to load up with the lights and get out. Again.

About 45 mins later I found it! Under a log near a series if log crossings I had j-hopped earlier. Whew!

Felt REALLY fortunate to have found it in the dark under a log. :)

Got back to the car at 21:10 and re-activated insulin delivery. BG was again at a near perfect 107.


I only took 1u of post ride bolus at this point.

A great example of pump flexibility!! Oh yeah, and a heck of a lot of good trail karma.

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