September 14, 2010

Ride Hours: 02:17

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 44.49 units
Meal: 20.05u
Corr: 1.50u
Basal: 22.94u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 271g

Some days are just harder being a diabetic than others. No particular known or identifiable reason - it is what it is.

Today was one of those days where "The D" needed a little more attention and a little more manipulation to get it to do what I wanted.

It was a super busy day at work, and I felt off all day. No sickness symptoms, just not at top dead center. Just off. I am probably just tired as my sleep pattern has been atrocious for the past month or so.

Had a dentist appointment first thing, and then ran through a serious of 3 meetings in a row with just a small sliver of time in there to grab a bite. The afternoon wasn't much better in terms of scheduling. :)

At 16:00 I tested at a 71. Not optimal for an activity later in the afternoon, so I ate a Snickers Marathon bar with out a bolus. That'll fix it.

As I left the office at 16:30 I set a temp basal rate to a 60% reduction in preparation of a mountain bike ride an hour later. My BG was at a 60. Hmmmmm.... Not what I was expecting. I grab another 30g of Cs from a soft drink. Yeah, that'll fix it.

Also make a mental note to adjust the afternoon basal rate in my standard weekday basal pattern. Needs to drop slightly.

By 17:15 I am changed and ready to go. What? BG is a 51! Eh??

Now I'm a little annoyed. The weather is spectacular and I AM going for a ride. (I hear "The D" laughing at me at this point, which sours my mood a bit more).

I figure I have enough Carbs in my body that a recovery is imminent so I decide to stay with the plan.

I do adjust my basal to a 70% reduction, and then suspend insulin for 60 minutes. It's a little bit of a gamble, but I am betting that the BG begins to creep up even while I'm riding.

At 17:30 sharp I'm pedaling my Single Speed out of the UNC Wellness Center parking lot.

30 minutes later I'm at the trail head in Carrboro and do another BG check. 62. Slight progress.

I fortify my standard liquid nutrition with half a performance bar and press on.

15 minutes later I'm turning to head up a gravel road and literally almost run into this guy:

He doesn't even flinch. I watch him and two other deer for about 5 minutes, before riding by within 8 feet of the trio. They just don't seem to even acknowledge I'm there. It was pretty funny.

One last on ride BG test at 80 mins in. 75. Still creeping along, but I'll take it. I finish off the 2nd half of the bar, and the first of the 20oz bottles with my custom mix of maltodextrin and Nuun.

Not ideal but I'm having a decent ride, so I'll take it. I leave the pump in suspended delivery status and keep on truckin'.

I was just heading back through Chapel Hill as the sun was disappearing on the horizon. The sky was a cool mix of pink and orange. The pictures are lame, but I was taken back a bit by the stark colors in the sky and on the buildings.

I was only about 20 minutes of ride time away from the car when I re-enabled insulin delivery , and set my basal rate back to normal.

Got back to the car at 19:48 and the BG was at 85. Not great, but the gamble worked. :)

I took a 4.75u post ride bolus, as I know the BG spike is coming especially after no insulin intake for 2 hours.

It turned out to be a really good ride.

I didn't eat much after I got home, as I just didn't have any interest. This might cause a small issue overnight, but I will be setting a over nite temp basal of 80%.

Hopefully that is low enough.

Sometimes "The D" just needs a little more hand holding in order to get a ride in. Today was most certainly one of those days. :)

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