August 21, 2010

Funny how the outcome of the race could possibly come down to air-bubbles in the tubing. That's what I was thinking as I filled an insulin pump reservoir this morning.

I have inserted two new infusion sets too. One is there as a back-up in case a fall (or other incident such as catching my tubing on a tree branch) occurs, resulting in the current infusion set getting ripped out.

As the photo shows, I have plenty of spare "parts" ready to. This includes another filled reservoir, batteries, an infusion set, 2 meters, a syringe, spare tubing, and a bunch of extra strips.

All neatly packed into little cases.

I look like a cyborg today too - with the aforementioned double infusion sets and the Nav sensor, along with double ace bandage wrapped forearms covering the injury dressing, as well as the bandage covering the Td and antibiotic injections.

What I really need to do is get some espresso, and that's up next.