August 22, 2010

It is heartbreaking to say that the arm injury I received last night was worse that I had anticipated.

Although the discomfort was manageable, my wrist, hand, and fingers on my left arm went completely number near the end of the first lap.

I was unable to feel the grip, use the front brake, or make front gear changes.

I attempted to ride lap 2 with only my right hand, but that was not great as I ended up putting the bike on the ground a couple of times.

Luckily my support person was there to drive home, as my hand and fingers are still numb - can't do anything - open door, grip a cup, nothing.

Although bitterly disappointed I know Accidents happen, and I will race another day. 2010 has been so much more trying than i could have even imagined.

I hope the rest of my 29er Crew teammates have a great conclusion to their race. It was amazing seeing everyone there!!

A special shout to Danelle and Greg!! Good luck in the second half!!

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