August 20, 2010

Wow.  The past 8 days have just FLOWN by.  They have been so busy with work, training, life, and future event planning.  I am just going to combine all my notes together (in abridged format - I heard that sigh of relief) to get caught up so we can post real time for the next couple of days.

On Sunday the 15th I was able to put in a solid 4.5 hours of ride time on the Single Speed.  Had some issues with my right food (again), so we have 6 days to figure that out.  Fingers crossed.

Other than that is was pretty solid, and I feel like I pretty close to were I need to be for the 18 Hours of Scouts Honor on the 21st-22nd.

Picked up some new shoes during the week to see if it would help my foot issues.  A new set of Bonty RL in Grey (ya know, with the cool orange plaid on the inside).  These helped out a bunch with the two rides this week.  I also picked up some extra padded wool cycling socks to use as well.  Just need to get through the upcoming weekend, and then I will spend some time trying to figure out what to do.

Had a GREAT (albeit HOT) recover ride this past Monday.  My legs really needed it too.  I felt horrible beforehand, but just fantastic and relaxed afterward.  I road the Superfly to check out the new bottom bracket I had installed (yeah, Dave, I know.... not the Red One. Sorry).  Thing felt great and ready to go.  The new saddle and bar position I have been running also felt fantastic.  All of the mtb's are set up the same, and I find I am much more loose and relaxed for longer with the new setup.  Again, the proof will be in the pudding this weekend.

Did some hours on the road too, in, shocker, a thunderstorm, on Wednesday night.  I love riding in the rain, even if the road bike is steel and the lightning was very close.  I can hear the more weather savey among us saying "its the distance of the arc between the wheels, not the material of the bike that is most important". I can tell you when the hair on your neck is standing up all the scientific mumbo-jumbo doesn't matter a lick.  ;)

I got all the grocery shopping done yesterday for the race this weekend.  Once again, I was amazed that I only purchased 3 small snack sized back of M&Ms.  Yeah, that sounds humorous, but it really is a tesitiment to how confident I feel with my race nutrition.  BIG props to Chris Newport, again,  for helping me get to this point.  I know what to expect, and what to do to stay on target.  No emergency funds required.

I am feeling a bit nervous about the race, but not overly.  A little nervousness is always a good thing. 

I want to thank my friend George Wayson for volunteering to be my support for the event.  George has been a long, long, long time supporter of mine, and was one of the first people to learn to about the creation of Type1Rider.  It will be his first overnight race event, and I hope he has a good time. 

My plan is to post my BGs around the clock during the race.  So if you are up at 2am ET on Sunday, take a peek.  The BGs will show up here on my blog, or on my Twitter account at 

I installed a new Navigator CGM sensor this morning, and am looking forward to using it during the event.  It's such a great addition to the tool box.  I have tested it a bunch with the iPod Nano arm bank covering it, and it seems to work flawlessly.  As long as the weather doesn't get to rainy, we should be good to go.

I owe a bunch of folks return messages: Mariana G√≥mez Hoyos, Grason Littles, etc.  I am sorry I have been delayed in getting back to you.  I will do my best to reach you before the end of the day, or by the end of the weekend.

As usual, thanks for all the support!!  

It's GO!! time.

Denelle - yes, I have the Snickers.  Snickers, a bike, and a helmet.  Yup.