April 3, 2010

Ride Hours: 04:38

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 37.08 units
Meal: 12.70u
Corr: 2.40u
Basal: 21.98u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 224g

Headed down to Uwharrie National Forest VERY early with Chris and George to pre-ride the Xterra bike course.  Although it is about a 2 hour drive, it was great to ride some trails we don't get on that often.  I haven't been there since winning the Relay division back in 2007.

We left me house at 07:45 and stopped by Starbucks to get some caffeine flowing.  

A few wrong turns were made, but I did remember to lower my basal rate to a 70% reduction while in transit at 09:15.

Using our collective navigation skills, we were able to FINALLY arrive at the Badin Lake race site around 10:20.  We had the race trail map, and rolled out looking for the entry spot at 10:45 or so.

It was a lot of start and stop for most of the ride today... between getting lost following the useless map, and TONS of horse traffic, it was hard to get a constant rhythm in.  Easy to keep HR in range, as the stops were fairly short though.

Trail was pretty spectacular, and, without the horses, would be one of the best places to ride in NC easy.  Lots of technical sections, flowing fire roads, big(ger) climbs, river crossings, etc.  Fun stuff for sure...

(Thanks to George for the pics!!)

I was able to stay on a pretty typical hydration and nutrition schedule.  Downed 20oz of Nuun infused water per hour, and tried to get in 40g of carbs as well.  Hard to get the food down though, as the trail was rough and there aren't a lot of places to reach back and grab something.

All in all a great day with some wonderful friends I am extremely grateful for.

Got back to the car around 16:30, and headed for home.  I immediatly put the temp rate at a 50% increase (150% of normal) to counter the post low temp basal/long ride BG "whip".

HR Avg: 150
HR Max: 188
Calories: 4356
Vert. Feet: 3890

We arrived home a bit after 18:00, and I my family was waiting outside to head over to a friend's house for a little pre-Easter celebration.  I cleaned up quick, and we were on our way in about 7 minutes.

A great time for sure!  My oldest "played" some Bocce ball on the local pro course (actually a super nice setup at the house we were at).  :)

Once home and getting ready for bed, I set my basal to a normal over nite post ride rate of 75%.