March 30, 2010

Ride Hours: 01:25

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 53.90 units
Meal: 20.95u
Corr: 8.10u
Basal: 24.85u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 352g

Light recovery road ride tonight after work. The weather is perfect, but MAN it was windy!! 20+ mph. Made for some slow going in spots. Scheduled for only a few ride days this week as the past month has been long and hard. Am I whinning? :)

I registered for the Cohutta 100 today. As I reported to my "board of directors" Chris E and Chris N: It literally made me a bit nauseous registering for it this morning. Without a shadow of a doubt it is 100x more mentally difficult than any other race I will do this year. This of course is due to the 2008 attempt at this race.

Here is a quick recap - Back in 2008 I tried the C100 as my first off road century. I had been sick all week, and wasn't feeling myself. About 15 minutes before race start my BG was sub 40 - and it never recovered. I "road" disorientated trying to get it back to a normal range. Ended up almost getting seriously lost in Cherokee National Forest. Everything turned out ok, but I remember how on the edge it was.

Not that it matters, as I was told, it is 2010 and am better armed. Better trained and better educated. Besides I made a promise to a young guy named Jamie with Type 1 from Raleigh that I would finish this race in a certain amount of time. That's the goal - finish under the agreed upon time.

The profile is about the same, but looks a less intimidating now than 2 years ago. Just need to dial some of the nutrition in a little bit more...

Enough of that.

I was invited to lead a Mountain Bike ride for the group attending the Southeastern Hospital Health & Fitness Alliance Conference in Chapel Hill. I am totally looking forward to it! Special thanks to George Wayson director of the UNC Wellness Center for thinking of me for this.

Traded in my Civic last weekend for a used Honda Pilot. I'll miss the great mpg of the hybrid, but I literally couldn't squeeze anymore stuff in it. Between the always packed biking gear, bikes, car seats, stuff for work, etc... I just needed bigger. Psyched it came together so quick, I really dig the new T1R rig.

April is just around the corner, and I feel like I am a bit behind on some stuff. STILL trying to get the kit sorted out, and still working on a few more opened ended oppurtunities. Hopefully we will have a break through soon. Fingers crossed!