March 6, 2010

Ride Hours: 02:29

Insulin Delivery Summary:
Daily Total: 46.28 units
Meal: 21.40u
Corr: 1.60u
Basal: 23.28u

Daily Carb Intake Bolused For: 321g

Great ride on the single speed today, starting around 14:00. I set the temp basal rate on the pump to a 60% reduction at 12:55 in preparation of the start time.

I managed to get some pasta in for an early lunch, and it held out perfectly for the training ride. Took the single speed out on the American Tobacco Trail for 2.5 hours of temp work. It was great weather, and I only needed some bibs, a jersey, and a pair of arm warmers.

I ripped through this workout and felt pretty dang good. Maybe it was the sun, the temp, or being on the Superfly single speed for the first time in months.

2033 calorie burn. I only managed to get some carbs in during the 10 minute spin between the two planned tempos, but the BGs were spot on. Another step forward. :)

I have a longer paced ride tomorrow in even warmer temps. Might see 70. Whoa. Can't wait...