March 5, 2010

Made it through the week, and the boys are no worse for wear! Thanks so much to my mom and my mother in law for the HUGE assistance this week. You both made it a ton easier!

I picked up K's new I9's for her Fisher Rig single speed yesterday. They look GREAT and I can't wait to get them mounted. I hope she like them... if not I think I can find a single speed to put them on....

I'm just kidding honey. :)

I did however put the 29er ss wheels that I lent to the cause back on my Superfly SS, and I planning on doing my riding tomorrow on it. I too am running a new I9 hubbed front wheel. Just with j spokes and a Stan's 355 front.

Will post pics of the new hoops when I can.

Missed a short recovery ride yesterday, but I have 8.5hrs planned for the weekend.

Looking forward to it!