February 10, 2010

Wow.... February is just cruising by.  It has been an INSANELY busy time, and I have not had the time to blog on each workout as I usually do.  I can see things settling down soon though... and will be able to get back to that blogging pace.

Today is day 10 of my program with Chris Eatough.  Although just taking the first steps, it has been cool working with Chris, and I am getting more comfortable with the processs.  I just need to stop asking stupid questions.  LOL!  I know, there are no stupid questions...

Having a training plan is a great asset, especially, as those used to working with a coach can attest,  when dealing with the colder, darker days of winter.  It definitely keeps me focused and motivated to get through the workout.  Seems like an obvious statement huh?

BTW - Nance it IS possible to play any XBOX 360 game while hammering on the trainer.  Some are easier than others... my aim in Halo isn't quite as good when my HR is about 160.  :)

Speaking of Eatough, he is also coaching the new Trek / Fisher / Bontrager supported Team CF.  This team gained my interest in particular due to the fact that Harlan Price is riding for them this year.  Harlan has stated publicly that CF runs in his family, and I think it is fantastic that he is using his world class talent to forward a cause.  I am happy for him personally, and wish the team and their efforts great success this year.

The other Chris in my training life, Chris Newport from Endurance NEWTrition and the HPL at Meredith College, and I have, I think, finally nailed down a system for recording my diet and BGs.  We are using the MyPlate D at Livestrong.com along with the associated iPhone App to collect the data points. 

Not sure how we are going to collect all the relevant information during endurance based training rides and races, but we are working that out as well.   Hopefully we can put it all together at one of the VERY local 6 hour race events that are coming up in the next 6 weeks.

First race of 2010 will be the 6 Hour Meltdown in New Hill, NC on Feb. 20th.  Originally I was planning on doing the 36 Hours of Pisgah, but keeping an eye on the overall goals for this year has changed that.  I have a planned 6 hour training ride that weekend anyhow, so I will just use this event for that vehicle. 

Should be fun to see and ride with some friends for a bit out there.

The weather here hasn't been as "bad" (to me) as other places  on the east coast.  We did get some snow that stayed for a couple of days, but it's 99% gone already.  I did get out and ride in it though, which was pretty fun.  Couldn't do it all the time though.  Yup, I am officially a wus... can't stand the cold.  (Yes Jimmy, I know... I know... you're just a strange cat). 

Still have a few things to iron out before getting the new 2010 Type1Rider kit into production.  A TON of work has been done on it, but all the pieces aren't in place yet.  I am hopeful and optimistic that I can get all of that done soon.  Thanks to everyone who has inquired about purchasing the new kit. 

I will do my best to keep you in the loop, and will provide more information as soon as I can.

Saw George Carlin attributed quote posted this morning by Liz Hatch via Facebook:

"Just cause you got the monkey off your back doesn't mean the circus has left town."

It immediately made me think of the constant battle with A1Cs and BG control (the monkey).  During the year I hear boat loads of tales from diabetics about how 6 months are great, than it all goes in reverse and the A1C goes back above 9.  Diabetes (the circus) is "hyper-dynamic".

Something that gets lost is that it takes a constant vigilance to stay ahead of it.

That doesn't mean a few days here or there are going to make a huge overall difference, but BG control is always in need of attention.

The circus stays in town.....